THE TRANSMIGRANT is based on ancient scriptures, historical facts, and well researched assumptions, not simply ideas taken from thin air.  While nothing (at all) about Jesus of Nazareth can be proven with 100% certainty, the ideas in the novel spring from years of research, science, and most of all a healthy dose of pure logic.

Three years of research went into writing the The Transmigrant. Every stone I lifted unearthed another gem. Because when you study a famous, but controversial figure such as Jesus, who (might have) wandered the earth over 2,000 years ago, the different stories and points of view easily reach the thousands. Here’s an attempt to list most of the sources that gave life to my interpretation of Yeshua bar Yosef, the  wandering preacher who spent his life studying the faiths of the world, and died for proclaiming that everyone is a son of God.

BOOKS – General Research

BOOKS – Jesus in India. Research

BOOKS – James, the Brother of Jesus & The Disciples

BOOKS – Mary Magdalene