For many of us, the current political climate is not only sad and horrifying, it wears us down on an emotional level. Every day, we are bombarded with news and social media posts where people in power attack blacks, Latinos, Muslims, women, and anyone from a different political standpoint. Even if we are not criticized personally, everyone with an ounce of compassion will hurt for those being attacked.

Bullying has suddenly become accepted when the president of one of the most powerful countries in the world gleefully makes fun of the people whom he opposes, feels inferior to, or who disagrees with him. And the media loves it! Isn’t he funny? Can you believe what they said?

It’s not funny, it’s exhausting!

I struggle with this whole situation, because I believe we are all equal and we are all of God. A white man is not superior to anyone. Nor is a white woman. Or a black man. Or a Christian. Or a Hindu.

We are ALL equal.

When an unarmed black man is shot by the police and only gets a slap on his fingers, I cry. When Mexicans are called rapists and criminals, I cry. When an unconscious woman is raped by a college swimming team star and only gets three months in prison, I cry. The list can do on and on.

I cry a lot, because that’s how I am.

It’s silly, the attacks have nothing to do with me, but all I can think of is how they feel. How their families feel. And how wrong it is to put others who are not like you down.

I want to scream, “How dare you think you are better than them?”

We are all affected. Democrats and Republicans. Pro-Brexit and No-Brexit supporters. Nationalists and Liberals. We are living in a hostile political climate, whether you live in the USA, in England, or anywhere else in the world. But maybe right now in the US, it’s a little bit worse than anywhere else.

Everyone hates.

So what can you do? How do you stay sane? How do you keep your Zen?

If you can, turn off your TV. Stay off Social Media. Or delete or block anyone who posts about political issues and news. Stay away from negative people and those who only want to talk about politics. If you can’t avoid them, simply don’t respond. Use sad emoticons instead of angry ones. Because anger will tear you apart, little by little.

And – here’s the hardest part – focus on forgiveness. We are all fragments of God. We are all God. Even the most unethical, disgraceful, and rude person is of God, and mirrors something in yourself that you don’t like.

Close your eyes, and send them love. Envision a light connecting the two of you and envelop him or her with light. Connect with them. And listen to what your inner voice tells you. Is he or she looking for love and acceptance? Do they put others down to feel better about themselves? Did they grow up in a loveless home and are looking for affection from an auditorium full of strangers, or in whatever way they can receive it? Do they feel the need to be accepted by their peers and will do whatever they can to stay in the group?

I often read comments in online newspapers, Twitter, and Facebook, where people who don’t agree call each other dumb. They say “Wake up!” Everyone is convinced they are right and the others are wrong.

But what if no one is right?

Can we agree to bury the axe and focus on what we like about each other? And thereby bring more light and positivity into the world.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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Much love,

(Photo by Ron Smith on Unsplash)

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