One of the greatest rewards of publishing The Transmigrant is the people I have met. People like me. My tribe.

I had been lost for a while. Living in New York City can do that to you. It’s a fun and crazy and wild place, perfect for partying, awesome for working hard, stressing yourself half to death, and forgetting who you really are. I’ve been a city girl all my life, but I’m just as comfortable walking barefoot through a forest or hiking a month along the Camino de Santiago.

And I talk to spirits.

One of my readers, a man unknown to me only six months ago, sent me a first draft of his book about spirituality, about his awakening, and something lit up within me. “This is me!” I thought. This is who I truly am. And where has that Kristi gone?

When I first came to New York a couple of years after my parents’ death, I happened upon a spiritual channel, Alex Murray, who became my teacher.Although I had been accompanied by spirits all my life and both seen them and heard them, Alex taught me how to channel at will. Before that, I had been able to tune into psychic information sporadically. For example, I once walked up to three strangers on the streets of London and told them their names. With Alex’ help, I learned to conjure spirits and let them speak through me. At one point I even had a group of lovely Polish people come to my house every Sunday afternoon for a channeling session.

But at the same time, I worked 60-80 hour weeks. And then I fell in love and eventually married this wonderful man who is still my husband. Although I’ve kept up my spiritual work over the years, I’ve lost the regularity of it. With The Transmigrant, the need to have spirituality in my life has returned. And with it, I have found more members of my spiritual tribe.

If you feel lost or lonely, just focus on what you love to do. Like attracts like. Your tribe may not look anything like mine. It might not even look like what you imagine it should look like. But if you love yourself and love what you do, your tribe will find you.

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