When I started writing The Transmigrant, I never imagined this: two wins (silver and bronze) and three finalist positions, of which two have not announced their final winners. Yes – I’m going for GOLD!

Joking aside, writing is a lonesome, thankless endeavor. I spent six whole years writing The Transmigrant. I had no idea if it was good or bad. Much to my initial surprise, My beta readers didn’t call me after the first chapter to tell me it was the best thing they had ever read. When I shared it with literary agents, all I got was the sound of crickets. I did sense that I had written something worthwhile and (dare I say it) important. Because the beta readers that didn’t know me offered the most praise. And the first blogger reviewer (Urban Book Reviews) called it “one of the best reads yet.”

Of course I’m sooooo far from winning a Pulizer. I haven’t even won FIRST prize yet. But given this is the first book I’ve published, and it hasn’t even been a year yet, I allow myself to be happy. And a little bit proud.

Thank you so much for all your support!

See the NIEA Finalist page HERE.

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