I had a great time speaking with Chandler Walker on the amazing ChansLogic Podcast. The #ChansLogic project is dedicated to helping people chase their dreams and to give them the courage, guidance and knowledge to pursue it relentlessly. I’ll be answering questions about opening, growing and maintaining a business as an entrepreneur and how to utilize the various social media channels in the most effective way to crush it!

Podcast Summary:
This week I’m joined by Kristi Duarte, where we talk about religion and not in a traditional sense.

Rather we had an incredibly insightful conversation on the growth of religions, ideas that have come about to increase conversions and methods that have evolved to maximize retention.

Neither she nor I came from a heavy religious background or upbringing, but she was inspired by a story of a traveler who experienced similar stories from different parts of the world.

Listen to the Podcast HERE

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