The Holy Conspiracy

THE HOLY CONSPIRACY (Publication Date: September 16, 2020)

Erased from history – the forgotten story of how Jesus’s brother led his disciples in a bitter battle of faith against Paul, the founder of Christianity.

“This is an absolutely 5-star read for me. I am mind-blown.” —Arevik Heboyan,
“Wow! What a fascinating concept. A truly thought-provoking and satisfying read.” —Grant Leishman, Readers’ Favorite
“Insightful and beautifully written.” —Patrick W. Andersen, Author of Second Born
“Fascinating and illuminating. [This] remarkable work [provides] a far better understanding of just what was at stake.” —Barrie Wilson, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Religious Studies, York University, Toronto. Author of How Jesus Became Christian; Searching for Messiah.

After the brutal crucifixion of Jesus, his socially awkward brother Yakov is elected as the new leader of the disciples. Driven by an intensifying threat of persecution, and with the aid of Mariamne of Magdala, Yakov forms a secret community in Jerusalem to continue Jesus’s mission. When an affluent tentmaker from Tarsus named Saul arrives with a wild tale of Jesus risen from death as the new Messiah, the disciples are stunned. Their teacher was just a simple man who preached oneness with God. But Saul insists that only his version of Jesus as the Savior and Christ is valid. Now Yakov and the disciples must fight to keep Jesus’s true message from disappearing into obscurity. But how can these poor, uneducated disciples stand victorious in an arena of treachery and deception, where the rich and powerful always win?


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What if Jesus was just an ordinary boy searching for enlightenment?

“One of the most moving stories I have read in a long time! ” – Mr. K. Forrest

“A beautifully written and intelligent “what if” about the lost years of Jesus’ life” – Mary Sheeran

“After the last page you just want to meditate and wish for more kindness in the world.” – Pilou

“An absolutely delicious read.” –Aime

This new novel re-imagines Jesus’s epic life, and in particular, the eighteen years not mentioned in the Bible.

In the year 8 AD, five-year-old Yeshua receives a visit from two mysterious strangers who predict that he will bring a message of peace to the world. Oblivious of the prophecy, Yeshua grows up yearning to be a rabbi. But he soon learns that it’s his duty and destiny to become a carpenter like his father.

One day, when a Buddhist pilgrim tells Yeshua about a country called Sindh where anyone can be a monk, his hope is kindled. He joins a camel caravan and sets off on a thousand mile journey across the Silk Road. Along the way he studies the teachings of the Buddha and Krishna and loses his virginity to a beautiful young widow in a secluded convent. Upon returning home to Palestine after nearly twenty years, he finds a country tormented by the Romans who perceive him as a dangerous rebel.


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THE UNKNOWN LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST: with Foreword by Kristi Saare Duarte

Did Jesus travel in India during the so called “lost years”? Did he study Hinduism and Buddhism? Form your own opinion by reading this book.

This ebook is a rewritten version of Russian Adventurer Nicolas Notovitchs 1894 book, The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ, which tells the story about how Notovitch visited a Ladakhi temple in Northern India found scrolls about Jesus’s travels in Asia. This book includes foreword by Kristi Saare Duarte and sample chapters from her novel The Transmigrant.