Kristi Saare Duarte is a channel, healer, and award-winning author of spiritual novels THE TRANSMIGRANT and THE HOLY CONSPIRACY. She is also a Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner, an intuitive healing modality utilizing the Akashic Records to unlock our Soul-level potential and clear negative karmic patterns held at Soul-level.  

A true cosmopolitan and modern day nomad, Kristi grew up in Sweden, raised by Estonian refugee parents, and has lived in six countries across three continents. For the last 22 years, she has made New York City her home, but is always ready to move somewhere else. When not working, she has visited nearly 80 countries across the world.

Although she’s not religious, Kristi became fascinated by the story of Jesus in India, where he studied Hinduism and Buddhism, and later the war between the Apostle Paul and Jesus’s disciples, and she decided those stories must be told. She developed her expertise on the origins of Christianity by studying the most ancient scrolls and historical scriptures, including the Nag Hammadi Library, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Josephus Flavius’s Antiquities of the Jews. 

To contact Kristi for interviews, book signings, healing sessions ($150/hour), channeled or Soul Realignment readings ($150/hour), please fill out the contact sheet.


Coffee of choice: Black and strong

Drink: Single malt whiskey, neat

Food: Oysters, sushi, Peruvian ceviche… Otherwise mostly vegetarian.


And many, many others